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Thriving During Adversity


Usually, as we approach the end of the year, people start talking about “turning the page” and “putting last year in the rearview mirror.” But it’s likely that 2020 is going to stick with all of us a bit longer than a typical year might. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Life will continue […]

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How Has Your Year Been?


October starts the fourth quarter of the year. In the business world, top companies kick off “Q4” by gathering together their leadership teams to assess what’s gone right this year, what’s gone wrong, and what steps they can take to finish the year with strong forward momentum. Preparing for a positive Q4 sprint could also […]

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Build Your Network and Give Back

Charitable Giving, Financial Planning

If Covid-19 and social justice movements have inspired your charitable side, you might consider approaching philanthropy the same way you would approach a career move. With so many people living and working online these days, there are more opportunities than ever to branch out from your social, personal, and professional contacts to identify areas of […]

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What Makes a Good Life?

Charitable Giving, Financial Planning, Retirement

You have a steady job that pays the bills and puts your abilities to good use. You have loving relationships with your spouse, your children, extended family, and close friends. Your house provides enough space and security. Your golf, hillwalking or bridge gives you a chance to unwind. Your volunteer work improves your community. The […]

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Use a Lifetime of Skills to Give Back During Retirement

Pensions, Retirement

The professional skills you’ve honed during your career are still incredibly valuable even though you’re retired. Rarely has there been a greater need for talented and dedicated people with a wide variety of abilities to pitch in and help their communities tackle some significant problems. But giving back is also good for you. Many studies […]

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Be Resilient and Gain Personal Momentum Coming Out of the Covid-19 Pandemic Part 2: Growth Through Adversity

Financial Planning, Market Commentary, Retirement

In Part 1 of this series, Dr. Beth Kurland and retired Commander David Sears of the U.S. Navy SEALS shared three habits they believe will help folks build momentum as we – hopefully – continue moving towards the end of quarantine. By focusing on the present, embracing the positive, and leveraging our relationships and routines, […]

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Use Free Time to Think About Retirement

Financial Planning, Retirement

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many older workers to reassess their careers and how they view retirement. Folks who are fortunate enough to be working from home might be coping with a mix of technological hurdles, while also enjoying more family time and more flexible hours. Too many others nearing retirement are facing real financial […]

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Stay on Track, Continue to Give to Others

Market Commentary, News

The coronavirus pandemic has created a very uncertain market environment right now. However, your long-term financial goals are probably still the same: moving home, getting your children or grandchildren through university, starting your own company, giving back, and retiring on your own terms. The path towards those goals might have swerved a little in the […]

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